Megan Driscoll

Megan Driscoll is the founder and current President of PharmaLogics Recruiting. She has been recruiting in the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years. With contacts nationwide, she works on both retained and contingency searches for companies large and small, in both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology arenas.

Yearbook of Experts

Megan is listed in the 2007 Yearbook of Experts in Career Development.

Megan prides herself on her ability to match highly talented individuals with companies requiring their specialized needs. With her help, her candidates are armed with the most appropriate resumes to present and are able to employ only the very best interviewing techniques.

She is also a frequent speaker at some of the bio-pharmaceutical industries most prestigious organizations including:

Hear Megan speak at the following Conferences:

American Association for Pharmaceuticals Sciences
AAPS 2007 Annual Conference
November 2007
San Diego, CA
Association for Lab Automation
ALA 2008 Annual Meeting
January 2008
Palm Springs, CA
American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
ASCPT 2008 Annual Conference
April 2008
Orlando, FL
Society of Quality Assurance
24th SQA Annual Meeting
April 2008
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Past conferences:

IBC Life Sciences
IBC's BioProcess Intern ational Conference and Exhibition
October 2007
Boston, MA
American Chemical Society
234th National Meeting & Exposition
August 2007
Boston, MA
American Chemical Society
233rd National Meeting & Exposition
March 27, 2007
Chicago, IL
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
IPSE 2006 Annual Meeting
November 6, 2006
Walt Disney World, FL
American Chemical Society
The 34th Northeast Regional Meeting
October 2006
Binghamton, NY

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